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The Law Society provides a list of all unauthorized practitioners of law (those who have illegally offered or provided legal services or misrepresented themselves as lawyers) it has obtained judgments against since September 2003, with links to court documents. The Law Society also lists unauthorized practitioners who have signed written commitments not to do so in the future since 2022, with links to the signed commitment.

To search for a specific person, enter one word only (last name or first name or portion of company name) or scroll through the complete list below. To find out if a person is a practising lawyer in BC, use the Lawyer Directory tool.

Cain & Daniels, Inc.
Cain & Daniels, Inc.
Camporese, Giovanni
Camporese, Giovanni
Canada and USA Immigration Services Ltd.   (Other names: Trehan, Surinder Singh; A S Canada & USA Immigration Services Ltd.)
Canada Wide Immigration Services Inc.   (Other names: Brar, Balwinder S.)
Canada Wide Immigration Services Inc.   (Other names: Brar, Balwinder S.)
Candevelop Business Inc.   (Other names: Mo, Gongyou; Mo, Jason Gongyou) Incorporated   (Other names: Kennedy, Colin;
Carlisle, Brian
Carten, John Frederick
Charles Zhang – Legal Adviser & Accounting Ltd.   (Other names: Zhang, Charles)
Cheng, Clint   (Other names: Cheng, Li Xin; Princemountain Transnational Services Inc.)
Cheng, Li Xin   (Other names: Cheng, Clint; Princemountain Transnational Services Inc.)
Cheung, Bankson   (Other names: Wei Hua Consulting Inc.; Weihua Services Centre;; Zhang, Bankson)
Chiang, Vivian Pei-Hua
Chow, Brent   (Other names: Core Legal Services; Core Finance & Taxation; Core Accounting; '')
Clement, Gerald
Cohen, Marla
Comparelli, James Anthony

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to unauthorized practice, or would like to report a possible instance of unauthorized practice, please phone the Law Society or email us at

For background information on unauthorized practice, visit What is Unauthorized Practice?