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The Law Society provides a list of all unauthorized practitioners of law (those who have illegally offered legal services or misrepresented themselves and lawyers) it has obtained judgments against since September 2003, with links to court documents.

To search for a specific person, enter one word only (last name or first name or portion of company name) or scroll through the complete list below. To find out if a person is a practising lawyer in BC, use the Lawyer Directory tool.

Core Legal Services   (Other names: Chow, Brent; Core Finance & Taxation; Core Accounting; '')
Courville, Barbara Marta   (Other names: Bonnar, Barbara; Targosz, Barbara; Spizewski, Barbara; Bzymek, Barbara)
CRB Communications   (Other names: Brannigan, Casey)
Crischuk, Kazimierz
D&K Direct Management Services Inc.   (Other names: Pieschel, Dennis; Pieschel's Consulting)
Davis, Stella Nhung   (Other names: Lac Viet Resources Inc.; Lac Viet Centre)
Dempsey, John Ruiz
DH & Associates   (Other names: Hunte, Dwayne Eric)
Diener, Walther Kay   (Other names: von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg, Auguste Christiane Frederich; von Pfahlenburg, Christiane; Argento Metals Compagnie Ltd.; A.M. CIE. Ltd.)
Diligenti Consulting Group   (Other names: Diligenti, Carlos)
Diligenti, Carlos   (Other names: Diligenti Consulting Group)
Divorce Made Easy   (Other names: Robertson, Glenn; Robertson, Colette; Pinoy Paralegal;
Dolar, Mar   (Other names: Global Fingerprinting Services Canada Ltd.)
Dominion Tax Accountants and Company, Incorporated   (Other names: Beaudry, Gilbert)
DZP Management Limited   (Other names: AKL Management Limited; Family Law Centre;; Rolin, Daniel; Rolin, Ian)
Edgelow Business Agencies Ltd.   (Other names: Edgelow, Greville)
Edgelow, Greville   (Other names: Edgelow Business Agencies Ltd.)
Effective Collections   (Other names: Perpeluk, Penny)
ESC Executor Services Corp.   (Other names: Nichol, Mark Allan)
Eshelman, Susan   (Other names: Pacific IP Inc.)

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to unauthorized practice, or would like to report a possible instance of unauthorized practice, please phone the Law Society or email us at

For background information on unauthorized practice, visit What is Unauthorized Practice?