Mortgage Discharge Reporting Form

Reporting Form for Mortgage Discharge Failures

Law Society Rule 3-96 requires that you report to the Law Society the failure of a mortgagee to provide a registrable discharge of mortgage within 60 days of any real property transaction. You are also obliged to report to the Law Society the failure of another lawyer or a notary to provide satisfactory evidence that he or she has filed a registrable discharge of mortgage as a pending application at the Land Title Office within that 60-day period.

If, after 90 days, you are still unable to obtain a discharge of mortgage, you can download the Mortgage Discharge Escalation Contact List for a list of local contacts at the Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, National Bank of Canada, CIBC, Royal Bank, HSBC or Canadian Western Bank.

Note: A report under this Rule will not be treated as a complaint. If you are reporting a lawyer for breach of undertaking, please go to the Online Complaint Form.

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Fill in for ALL reports under Rule 3-96(b)(i) and 3-96(b)(ii). If reporting with respect to more than one mortgage on a property, a separate report must be filed for each mortgage.

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