The Futures Task Force is seeking feedback on the factors and forces that are likely to influence the delivery of legal services and the regulation of the legal profession and legal practice over the next decade. 

Share your views on the future of the legal profession in British Columbia

A public consultation by the Futures Task Force
December 2019

Why you should participate

It is your opportunity to give feedback on the factors and forces that are likely to influence the delivery of legal services and the regulation of the legal profession and legal practice over the next decade.

The Benchers recognize that there are a number of developments that are likely to have a significant influence on the future of how legal services are delivered and on the regulation of the profession. These factors may include:

  • the demographics of the legal profession in British Columbia;
  • the influence, implementation and adoption of technology, particularly artificial intelligence;
  • the available supply and unmet demand for legal services in relation to access to justice;
  • the business pressures facing law firms;
  • the existence and growth in alternate business structures and alternatives to lawyers providing legal services;
  • the future of self-regulation;
  • the ability to preserve and protect the core values of the profession;
  • changes in legal education, including pre-call education, articling, continuing professional development and mentorship;
  • the importance of addressing and supporting health and wellness of members of the legal profession, cognizant of the levels of mental health and substance use issues and their impact on delivery of legal services;
  • potential for innovations in the Law Society’s discipline, diversion and remediation programs; and
  • challenges to the rule of law; and
  • engaging with Indigenous peoples and the influence of Indigenous law.

Any personal information collected by the Law Society in the course of doing this consultation is collected pursuant to sections 26(c) and 26(e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Information collected will be used for the purpose of informing the Law Society and the Futures Task Force in work related to this consultation.  If you have any questions about the collection and use of personal information that may be collected in the course of completing this consultation, contact the Information and Privacy Officer, Law Society of British Columbia, 8th Floor, 845 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z9, Tel. (604) 669-2533.

How to participate

The Futures Task Force consultation paper includes a list of questions relating to the various issues the Task Force is considering.

You can respond to the questions by clicking here and providing your comments in the online questionnaire.

If you would prefer to provide your comments in a document, you may email your comments to or send them by mail to:

Law Society of British Columbia
Attn: Futures Task Force Consultation
845 Cambie St., 8th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6B 4Z9

Consultation will be available until the end of March 2020.

For more information

The Futures Task Force has prepared a detailed paper on the consultation.

Download the paper