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Current status

Reports and related material

Rule / other changes

Innovation sandbox Sandbox open for proposals from individuals and businesses seeking to provide new legal services.

Licensed Paralegal Task Force Report

Final report of the Futures Task Force

Final report of the Unauthorized Practice Task Force
Public Policy on Unauthorized Practice (see p.13 of October 2020 Bencher meeting minutes for approved wording)

Assessment of factors and forces that are likely to influence the future delivery of legal services and regulation of the legal profession

Recommendations approved at October 30, 2020 Benchers meeting.

Final report of the Futures Task Force

Futures Task Force consultation paper


Licensed Paralegals for areas of unmet need in the legal services market

Strategic Plan goal 1-1(b)

Recommendation to open innovation sandbox to licensed paralegal pilots approved at October 30, 2020 Benchers meeting.

Licensed Paralegal Task Force Report

2018 AGM resolution

Report of the Legal Services Regulatory Framework Task Force, Dec. 2014 

Legal Service Provider Task Force Final Report, Dec. 2013


Proposed amendment to fiduciary property rule (Rule 3-55) for compliance with anti-money laundering

Strategic Plan goal 3-2

Discussed at July 15, 2019 Bencher meeting. Revisions being considered for Bencher decision in 2020.

Federation Backgrounder on Model Trust Accounting Rules


Requirement for practising lawyers to complete Indigenous intercultural competency course

Strategic Plan goal 1-3(c)

Course under development for introduction in 2021.

Joint Recommendation Report of the Truth and Reconciliation and the Lawyer Education Advisory Committees

Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan


Law Firm Regulation: Firm Self-Assessment

Strategic Plan goal 4-2

Approved for profession-wide implementation in 2021

Final Report of the Law Firm Regulation Task Force

Professional Elements Report

Second interim: December 2017


Consultation on retainers held by lawyers who are mediators, arbitrators or parenting co-ordinators (Rule 3-58.1) Consultation closes August 31, 2020. Consultation paper