Provincial government issues new PST remittance guidelines

June 18, 2007

The Consumer Taxation Branch (CTB) has issued new guidelines for payment of Social Services Tax held in trust as a result of the court decisions in the Christie case: see Guidelines.

For the majority of remitters, the due date is July 23, 2007. The guidelines also explain entitlement to commission.

Interest earned on PST held in pooled trust accounts should be remitted to the Law Foundation in the normal course. Money held in a separate, interest-bearing trust account is governed by s. 62(5) of the Legal Profession Act.

As stated in the CTB’s May 25, 2007 notice, the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue is not seeking to recover taxes from low income persons who, in accordance with the ministry’s guidelines, were not required to pay tax during the course of the Christie case litigation. The ministry has yet to determine whether low-income clients whose lawyers remitted tax when not required to do so are entitled to claim a refund with interest. The CTB will issue a further notice when information is available.

For further information, contact the Consumer Taxation Branch at (604) 660-4524 in Vancouver, or toll-free at 1 877 388-4440, or email questions to You can also contact Law Society practice advisors Dave Bilinsky (604) 605-5331, or Barbara Buchanan (604) 697-5816,