Law Society Executive resigns

December 6, 2004

James G. Matkin, Q.C., has resigned as Executive Director of the Law Society of British Columbia, effective today.

"I do not want my involvement in outside private business interests to continue to be an issue for the Law Society or the public," Mr. Matkin said. "Therefore, I have concluded it is in the best interests of the Law Society for me to resign."

The resignation was on mutually agreed terms.

Mr. Matkin had previously agreed to take a paid leave of absence while the Law Society's Executive Committee conducted an investigation regarding his personal business affairs.

"As a result of Mr. Matkin's resignation, it is no longer necessary for the Executive Committee to carry out an investigation," said Law Society President William M. Everett, Q.C.

Sholto Hebenton, Q.C., appointed Acting Executive Director on November 25, 2004 , will continue in that role until a new Executive Director is appointed. A Law Society committee has been appointed by the Benchers to conduct a search for a new Executive Director."