Introducing the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) for Internet Research

January 21, 2004

From Allan Snell, President of CanLII and William M. Everett, QC President of the Law Society of BC

Dear Colleague:

Re: CanLII - Your Free Internet Source for Legal Research

CanLII, a web-based legal information resource, is your best choice for fast, free access to recent case law and legislation in Canada. Please invest a few moments to look at the site and see how you can save your firm time and money.

When you log on to you will find a simple and intuitive website, organized by jurisdiction and by the primary legal material available for each (statutes, regulations and case law).

The benefits of CanLII to your firm are numerous:

  • The service is free - there is no need to subscribe
  • No passwords are required
  • The site offers federal, provincial and territorial statutes and regulations, plus a broad scope of case law that is updated daily
  • You can search all jurisdictions in a single search
  • There is hypertext linking and a note-up feature for a number of the federal materials
  • Taxing officers view the use of CanLII very favourably when assessing disbursement costs for your clients
  • More and more courts are recognizing decisions from CanLII as acceptable in books of authorities.

CanLII is an initiative of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, funded by law societies and by law foundations. It is designed as a free Canadian virtual law library to serve both the profession and the public.

Please take a moment to log on to to familiarize yourself with the site, and encourage other lawyers and staff in your firm to do the same.

We are confident that CanLII will soon become a preferred resource in your practice.


Allan Snell, President, CanLII and
William M. Everett, QC, President, Law Society of BC