Results of Bencher election and referendum

November 16, 1999

Bencher election for 2000 – 2001 term

On November 15, 1999, the following Benchers were elected for the 2000 – 2001 term:

County of Vancouver — Jo Ann Carmichael,1 Robert Diebolt, Q.C.,1 Ian Donaldson, Q.C., William Everett, Q.C.,1 Anna Fung,1 David Gibbons, Q.C.,1 Robert Gourlay, Q.C.,1 Terence La Liberti, Q.C., Gerald Lecovin,1 Emily Reid, Q.C.,1 Jane Shackell, Q.C.,1 William Sullivan1 and Bruce Woolley, Q.C.1

County of Victoria — Ralston Alexander, Q.C.2

County of Nanaimo — Peter Ramsay, Q.C.2

County of Westminster — Russell Tretiak, Q.C.1 and Peter Keighley1

County of Kootenay — Gerald Kambeitz, Q.C.2

Okanagan — Howard Berge2

County of Cariboo — Patricia Schmit2

County of Prince Rupert — Ronald Toews2

Kamloops — Robert W. McDiarmid, Q.C.2


On November 15, 1999, a majority of members voting in a referendum authorized the Benchers to amend Rule 1-1 of the Law Society Rules to allow a Lay Bencher to continue in office until a successor is appointed, with 79% voting in favour and 21% opposed.





Re-elcted by acclamation