Ethics Committee to Review ICBC Request for Proposals for Claims-Related Legal Services

June 3, 1999

The Law Society has received a number of questions from lawyers relating to the recent ICBC Request for Proposals for Claims-Related Legal Services under which ICBC proposes to contract with law firms.

One question concerns ICBC’s request that lawyers responding to the RFP disclose to ICBC the names of other clients. Lawyers should not disclose the names of clients for the purposes of responding to the Request for Proposals without the consent of those clients. Another question is whether a law firm acting for ICBC may give the Corporation access to its files in electronic form, which is one of the criteria set out in the RFP. The Ethics Committee advises that lawyers may give a client access to that client’s own files in electronic form, but must be vigilant to ensure that the client is not given access to the confidential information of other clients, or other information the client is not entitled to have.

Other ethical questions raised by the RFP — including the implications of lawyers agreeing to decline to act against ICBC in certain circumstances — will be considered by the Ethics Committee on June 10, 1999. Lawyers who wish to pose any further questions for the Committee should contact Jack Olsen, Staff Lawyer the week of June 7at:

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