PLTC Course Materials

There are several resources given to students on the first day of the Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC), including the Practice Material, the Student Handbook with PLTC policies and teaching schedule and the Activity Manual with the lesson plans and documents for each class.

The Practice Material

The qualification examinations  and the transfer examinations are based on general knowledge of the law and the content of the Practice Material. This material:

  • Consists of three volumes, one of which contains statutes
  • Summarizes the practice and procedure in the following areas of practice  in British Columbia:
    • Civil Procedure
    • Wills
    • Family Practice
    • Real Estate
    • Commercial Practice
    • Corporate Practice
    • Creditors Remedies
    • Criminal Procedure
    • Professional Responsibility (Ethics)
    • Practice Management
  • Is prepared by PLTC staff and volunteer BC lawyers

How to access the Practice Material

For more information, contact the Practice Material Editor

Law Society Member’s Manual

A student commencing articles with PLTC, will also receive a copy of the Law Society Member's Manual, which contains the Legal Profession Act, Law Society Rules and Professional Conduct Handbook.

Additional Statutes

The Practice Materials does not contain the following statutes which are examined on the transfer examinations, but not the qualification examinations:

  • Employment Standards Act
  • Commercial Arbitration Act
  • Commercial Tenancy Act
  • Age of Majority Act
  • Infant’s Act
  • Crown Proceeding Act
  • Libel and Slander Act

Purchase additional statutes from Crown Publications