Law Society scholarship

Jeffery YeunThe Benchers have chosen Jeffrey Yuen to receive the Law Society scholarship for 2010. After working internationally in ecology and conservation, Yuen decided to pursue law. He graduated from UBC law school in 2008 and clerked with Madam Justice Louise Charron at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Yuen intends to pursue an LL.M. at Harvard University. He plans to engage in an international comparative analysis of the law’s capacity to respond to the social transformation of the family. Specifically, he expects to examine the persistence of legal structures that undermine ideals of equality by limiting the legal parenting capacity of persons who fall outside of traditional parenting norms (such as same-sex couples, single persons or non-biological caregivers).

Ultimately, Yuen intends to return to BC and pursue a career focusing on the intersection of family law and reproductive technology, integrating both legal practice and academic research.

The Law Society scholarship of $12,000 is offered annually to encourage and financially assist the recipient in completing graduate studies that will ultimately benefit the individual, the province and the legal profession.