BC Court of Appeal practice directives

Citation of authorities, e-filing factums on appeal

The BC Court of Appeal has issued two new practice directives and a revised practice note:

  • Citation of authorities: The Court has issued a practice directive for counsel who prepare factums respecting the citation of authorities in their materials;
  • Filing of electronic factums: Another directive requests that electronic versions of all factums be filed in both civil and criminal appeals and statements on sentencing, and sets out the procedures to be followed. An exception is made for unrepresented parties if the creation of an electronic version of a factum would be a hardship.
  • Leave to appeal: A new practice note from the Court replaces an earlier notice of June 15, 2005 respecting procedures for filing a notice of appeal and application for leave to appeal.

These documents are available on the BC Courts website at www.courts.gov.bc.ca/ca.