Annual general meeting

Annual general meetingOne hundred ninety-eight lawyers and 14 students attended the Law Society’s annual general meeting on September 28.

Art Vertlieb, QC was acclaimed Second Vice-President for 2011. Carol Hickman spoke to his nomination, noting that Vertlieb represented an outstanding candidate given his credentials and vast experience.

A majority voting at the AGM were in favour (151:6) of the 2011 practice fee of $1,729.14. Gavin Hume, QC, Chair of the Finance Committee, noted that the increase in the fee from 2010 is largely the result of the decision to fund the forensic accounting program from the practice fee, rather than the trust administration fee. Combined with the Lawyers Insurance Fund assessment, which will increase to $1,750 due to continuing economic pressure on claims and investment returns, and the $5 Special Compensation Fund assessment, down from $50 in 2010, the total fees for 2011 are $3,484.14.

The members voted against (43:111) a resolution submitted by lawyers Ian R. Sisett, Robert Porter, QC and Tom Smithwick, QC, which proposed a reduction in the continuing professional development requirements for part-time practising lawyers. However, those speaking for the motion raised a number of concerns and suggestions that will be taken into account when the Lawyer Education Advisory Committee reviews the CPD program in 2011.