No increase in liability insurance and Special Compensation Fund assessments in 2006

Law Society fee billing — due November 30

BC law firms should watch for the 2006 Law Society fee billing. Payment is due November 30. The annual membership fees are the following:

Practice fee

The 2006 practice fee, as set by the profession by referendum in June, is $1,065.50.

The fee consists of a 1) Law Society General Fund fee of $825, 2) a BC Courthouse Library Society component of $160, 3) a Lawyers Assistance Program (LAP) component of $53 and 4) an Advocate subscription of $27.50.

The fee is up $85 over 2005, including a $30 per member increase for the BC Courthouse Library Society and $5 a member increase for the Lawyers Assistance Program.

Liability insurance assessment

The professional liability insurance assessment for BC lawyers in private practice remains at $1,500 in 2006, for the seventh consecutive year. This assessment is payable in two equal instalments, with the first instalment due November 30, 2005 and the second due June 30, 2006.

The part-time insurance fee is $750, the same as in 2005, and the insurance surcharge (which applies for five years to lawyers with paid indemnity claims, in accordance with Rule 3-26(2)), remains at $1,000.

Special Compensation Fund assessment

The Benchers have set the Special Compensation Fund assessment at $600, the same as in 2003 through 2005.