Grant approved to support Access Justice

The Benchers have granted $35,000 to the Western Canada Society to Access Justice in 2005.

In a presentation to the Benchers in September on behalf of Access Justice, Vancouver lawyer Dugald Christie described his plan to expand the number of pro bono clinics in BC and to prepare an appeal of the BC Supreme Court decision in Christie v. AGBC et al. (the most recent challenge to PST on accounts for legal services).

Mr. Christie said that the Access Justice program was working at full capacity. A priority now was to introduce some central record-keeping for the clinics. This would allow the pro bono program to meet certain standards and receive approval for insurance purposes, so that retired and insurance-exempt lawyers who volunteer for the program qualify for insurance through the Law Society's professional liability insurance policy.

The Benchers approved a grant to Access Justice as an exception to the general policy against funding external programs or organizations unless they are initiated or formally sponsored by the Law Society.

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