Unauthorized practice actions: Court injunctions

On application by the Law Society, the BC Supreme Court has ordered that John Ruiz Dempsey, of Surrey, cease holding himself out as a lawyer, appearing as counsel or otherwise practising law for a fee: Law Society of BC v. Dempsey 2005 BCSC 1277.

The court also prohibited Mr. Dempsey from commencing, prosecuting or defending a proceeding in any court in his name or in the name of another person unless he is an individual party to a proceeding acting solely on his own behalf. In addition, the court declared Mr. Dempsey to be a vexatious litigant pursuant to s. 18 of the Supreme Court Act and ordered that he be prohibited from continuing or commencing any legal proceeding on his own behalf in any court in BC without leave of the court.

Dawn Lagerbom, a notary public of North Vancouver, has consented to a BC Supreme Court order not to appear as counsel, to draw documents for judicial or extra-judicial proceedings or a proceeding under statute, to give legal advice or to offer any of these services for a fee — other than those services that are the lawful practice of a notary public. Ms. Lagerbom was ordered to pay costs of $1,000: July 14, 2005.

Greville Edgelow and Edgelow Business Agencies Ltd., of Abbotsford, haveconsented to a BC Supreme Court order that Mr. Edgelow make no representation that he is a lawyer and that neither he nor his company draw corporate documents or documents relating to a judicial or extra-judicial proceeding, a will, trust deed, power of attorney or document relating to probate or estate administration or an instrument relating to property for registration in a public office. The order also prohibits them from negotiating for the settlement of a claim or demand for damages, giving legal advice, placing at the disposal of another person the services of a lawyer or holding themselves out as qualified or entitled to offer any of these services for a fee: July 27, 2005.

Editor's note: Information on unauthorized practice undertakings is only published online for two years. As a result, some of this article is no longer available.