Law Society Award


Call for nominations

Lawyers are encouraged to nominate a candidate to receive the Law Society Award in 2016. The award is intended to honour the lifetime contribution of the truly exceptional in the profession. Nominations must be received by Tuesday, May 31, 2016. For more information, including how to submit a nomination, see the flyer.

The Law Society Award honours the lifetime contribution of the truly exceptional in the legal profession. Offered every two years, the award is based on the criteria of integrity, professional achievement, service and law reform. The Award is made chiefly in recognition of contributions to the advancement of the profession or the law, but public service outside the legal profession will be considered.

John Hunter, QC and 2014 Law Society President Jan Lindsay, QCThe Benchers selected John Hunter, QC (left, with 2014 President Jan Lindsay, QC) as the recipient of the 2014 Law Society Award. The award, a bronze statue of Sir Matthew Ballie Begbie, was presented to Hunter at the Bench & Bar dinner on November 6, 2014.

Hunter was called to the bar in 1977, and is currently senior litigation counsel at Hunter Litigation Chambers in Vancouver. He is a leading practitioner in corporatecommercial litigation and is frequently called upon as an arbitrator in commercial disputes.

Elected a Bencher in 2002, Hunter was President of the Law Society in 2008. Hunter has also served as a representative and President of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, chairing the Federation’s Task Force on the Canadian Common Law Degree. The task force’s 2009 report strengthened the rules for new criteria and provided a successful method of implementation across Canada.

Those nominating him for the award commended Hunter as a leader in the bar and a role model to the profession – a man of intellect and integrity, who is unquestioned and admired by his peers.

Hunter is recognized nationally and internationally as one of Canada’s leading counsel; his 2013 amicus curiae appointment by the Supreme Court in the Senate Reform Reference recently argued before that court demonstrates the confidence the top court holds in him.

His dedication to service is evident in his exceptional volunteer contributions and pro bono work. In addition to teaching at the law schools, Hunter has written and spoken on many topics as part of his commitment to continuing legal education, especially in the area of legal ethics.

Award recipients

John Hunter, QC (2014)
Marvin Storrow, QC (2012)
The Hon. John Charles Bouck (honoured posthumously, 2010)
John McAlpine, QC (2008)
Charles C. Locke, QC (2006)
Richard R. Sugden, QC (2004)
The Hon. Kenneth E. Meredith (2002)
The Hon. E.N. (Ted) Hughes, QC (2000)
The Hon. Martin R. Taylor, QC (1998)
Alfred Watts,QC (1996)
Mr. Justice Peter D. Seaton (honoured posthumously, 1994)
Chief Justice J.O. Wilson (honoured posthumously, 1992)
Oscar F. Orr, MBE, OBC, QC (1988)
Dean Emeritus George F. Curtis, QC (1986)