Law Society Scholarship for Graduate Legal Studies

The $12,000 Law Society Scholarship encourages and financially assists a law graduate to complete a full-time program of graduate legal studies that will benefit the student, the province and the legal profession in BC.

Graduating law students and law graduates of the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria or Thompson Rivers University are eligible to apply for the scholarship, as are other law school graduates who can show a real or substantial connection to BC. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic and other qualifications.

Selection Criteria

The Benchers award the Law Society Scholarship, on recommendation of the Credentials Committee based on the following criteria:

  • academic standing;
  • positive social contributions, such as volunteer work;
  • intention to practise in British Columbia after completing graduate studies;
  • financial need; and
  • proposed graduate work in terms of its importance or significance.

How to apply

An eligible applicant may apply by submitting:

  • a letter of application setting out the details of your academic career to date and proposed plans for graduate study;
  • official transcripts of academic institutions attended; and
  • three letters of recommendation: one letter from the Dean of the law school from which the applicant graduated or is about to graduate and two letters from professors of that law school.

Applications for the scholarship, including all supporting documents, must be received by March 31.


  • The scholarship may not be offered in a given year and will be awarded only if there is a highly qualified applicant.
  • The scholarship must be used in the year it is awarded. A recipient may accept other scholarships and awards up to an amount not exceeding the tuition of the graduate program in which he or she enrols, or such other amount as the Credentials Committee may determine.
  • A student who is awarded the scholarship must report on his or her use of the scholarship and provide a copy of the relevant work.

For more information, contact the Manager, Credentials & Licensing

2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Sarah Pike, winner of the 2016 Law Society scholarship

Sarah Pike and David Crossin, QC

Sarah Pike was called to the BC bar in 1995, practising with Davis & Company until 2002 and then with Hunter Voith until 2003. Since 2003, she has practised as legal counsel for the Department of Justice, working for Aboriginal Litigation Services at the BC regional office and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada’s Legal Services Unit.

Pike is pursuing studies in the University of British Columbia’s Master of Laws program for the 2016-2017 academic year. Her proposed thesis is a biography of Gilbert Malcolm Sproat (1834-1913) and an analysis of his land policies as Indian Reserve Commissioner in BC from 1876 to 1880. Pike will be examining Sproat’s minutes and decisions, as well as his letters and other writings. 

“Reconciling the pre-existence of Aboriginal societies, Crown sovereignty, and the lack of historic land cession treaties in British Columbia, in my view, is one of the most compelling conundrums facing our province today,” Pike stated. “Gilbert Sproat may be able to assist us with ideas of both what to do and what not to do as we continue with this reconciliation.”