Restructuring Justice

Justice The CLE Society of BC is holding a new two-day course, Restructuring Justice, on June 9 and 10 in Vancouver to help lawyers prepare for changes ahead in the resolution of civil disputes. Under the theme of “getting on with business,” this course focuses on finding solutions to the cost, delay and complexity of civil disputes.

Co-chairs of the BC Justice Review Task Force, Allan Seckel, QC (Deputy Attorney General) and Chief Justice Donald I. Brenner of the BC Supreme Court, will provide opening comments and invite feedback on the direction of civil justice reforms in BC.

Panels of experienced counsel, judges and international guests will lead presentations on civil justice today, including the tools that lawyers need to meet the needs of different clients. Sessions include Shifting Family Law Away from the Adversarial Framework, New Reforms in the Supreme and Provincial Courts (a closer look at expedited litigation and Small Claims changes) and What Do Clients Really Want from the System and from their Lawyers?

A choice of presentations and breakout discussions will explore both practice and business implications — such as how reforms will affect your bottom line and how you can provide services proportional to a particular dispute. Course participants can also delve into the details of specific litigation reforms of interest to them, such as ­settling complex cases, environmental ADR, the Court of Appeal settlement initiative and child protection mediation.

For details on all sessions and to register, see “courses” on the CLE website at