2006 practice fee will go to referendum

The Benchers will hold a referendum this year to set the Law Society’s 2006 annual practice fee; and the fee resolution they propose to the profession will not include a CBA fee component.

Although there were different views around the table, many Benchers favour a referendum as allowing a greater number of lawyers to set the fee resolution, compared to the number who attend the Annual General Meeting.

In 2004 BC lawyers rejected mandatory payment of a CBA fee component, and the Benchers will not include this as part of the proposed Law Society practice fee when setting the referendum question. The Benchers are expected to approve a fee resolution on May 6, which will be posted on the Law Society website.

The referendum ballot package will be mailed in early June. The deadline for receipt of ballots is expected to be set for June 21, with the referendum count scheduled for June 22.