Committee news

2005 committees and task forces

Much of the Law Society’s most important work is carried out by its 16 committees and 11 task forces, as well as the subcommittees and working groups that provide support on specific issues or areas of research.

For a complete listing of 2005 committees, including contact information for committee chairs, see “About the Law Society” at

New Independence and Governance Committee

The Benchers have created a new Independence and Governance Committee, chaired by Vancouver Bencher Gordon Turriff, QC. The committee began as a subcommittee of the Futures Committee in 2002, under the chairmanship of the late David Gibbons, QC, and in response to provisions in federal anti- money-laundering legislation. The subcommittee oversaw a constitutional challenge of that legislation on the basis that it contravened solicitor- client privilege. That issue moved to the national stage under the umbrella of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

The new committee will continue to examine issues concerning the independence and governance of the legal profession. As Mr. Turriff noted for the Benchers, “Analyzing potential threats to the independence of the bar and developing responses to them, as well as developing proactive initiatives to maintain the independence of the bar, will be ongoing tasks for the foreseeable future.”

The Committee will present a formal written mandate for the Benchers’ consideration shortly.

Futures Committee

The Benchers have streamlined the mandate of the Futures Committee as the following:

  • To identify and develop strategic planning initiatives for the Law Society;
  • To make recommendations to the Benchers about long-term and strategic issues.

The Executive Committee, rather than the Futures Committee, is now responsible for coordinating and monitoring the work of Law Society task forces and reporting to the Benchers as required. This change in responsibility will allow the Futures Committee to stay focused on future strategic planning initiatives.