Robert Brun, QC elected a Bencher for 2005

Robert C. Brun, QC has been elected a Bencher for Vancouver County (District No. 1) in the November 15 by-election, receiving a majority of votes in the 11th round of a preferential ballot.

Mr. Brun will begin service on January 1 for the remainder of the 2004-2005 term. He fills the vacancy that arises from the retirement of President William M. Everett, QC, who completes his service as President and as a Bencher and who becomes a Life Bencher at the end of this year.

Called to the bar in 1978, Mr. Brun practises with Harris & Brun in Vancouver in the fields of personal injury and workers’ compensation law, as well as employment, insurance and estate law. He was recently appointed Queen's Counsel.

Mr. Brun is the immediate past-President of the CBA (BC Branch), having served as President for 2003-2004 and Vice-President for 2002-2003. In the BC Branch, he has been Chair of the Planning and Priority Committee, Secretary-Treasurer (2001-2002), Chair of Government Relations Committee (2001-2002) and Executive Liaison, Equality Committee (2001-2002). He has also been a member-at-large of the BC Branch Executive (2000-2001), a member of Provincial Council (1997-2003) and a director of the CBA National (2003-2004).

In his community, Mr. Brun has been a coach for the Mount Seymour Soccer Association and a volunteer for the Mount Seymour Scouts.

For a breakdown of the by-election results, reflecting the votes cast for each candidate in each count, please see the Law Society website. Whenever there are more than two candidates seeking one position in a Bencher election, as in this by-election, the Law Society Rules require the election to be by preferential ballot. This method of voting ensures that the winner has support from a majority of voters.

If after the first count of a preferential ballot, no candidate has a clear majority of votes, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated from the running. Votes for the eliminated candidate are then redistributed among the remaining candidates according to the second choices marked on those ballots. If there is no second choice indicated on a ballot, that ballot is considered exhausted. The process continues on successive counts until one candidate has received a majority of votes cast for candidates still in the running. In this by-election, Mr. Brun received a majority of votes on the 11th count.