Electronic publications ahead

On the advice of the Law Society Technology Committee, the Benchers have approved the electronic distribution of the Benchers' Bulletin and other Law Society publications to BC lawyers, beginning in 2005, subject to any necessary Rule changes. Lawyers who wish to continue to receive the publications in print, however, will be given the choice to do so at no cost.

While the Law Society already sends regular broadcast email to the profession and maintains online versions of it publications (www.lawsociety.bc.ca), the transition from mail to electronic distribution of print publications is expected to facilitate timely delivery and cost savings.

As a means of the Law Society reaching the profession with electronic communications, the Benchers have also accepted a Technology Committee recommendation that the Society create, provide and maintain for each member a webmail address to which Law Society electronic publications will be delivered. Under a webmail system, a lawyer would be able to retrieve material from his or her webmail box by logging into a section of the Law Society website or, alternatively, by forwarding the webmail box to the lawyer's office email so that messages are automatically forwarded.

The webmail system is expected to be introduced later this year.