Revisions to Chapter 13, Rule 5 of the Professional Conduct Handbook, set out in the May-June Benchers’ Bulletin, ought to have read in the preamble: "5. Except with the written approval of the Law Society, a lawyer must not employ or retain in any capacity having to do with the practice of law a person who, in any jurisdiction, …." The correct wording is set out in the May-June Member’s Manual amendment package and in the online version of the rules on the Law Society website.

There are two other points in need of correction in the May-June Bulletin. First, the Chief Justice of Ontario, not the Chief Justice of Canada, attended the Pro Bono Law of Ontario conference in Toronto in May. Second, Halldor Bjarnason, Chair of the Disability Research Working Group, is a lawyer at Access Law Group in Vancouver, which ought to have been noted.

Our apologies.