PLTC rule changes

The Law Society Rules respecting examinations and assessments in the Professional Legal Training Course have been revised.

Rule 2-44(5.1) now provides that, if a student fails part of PLTC, the Executive Director may allow the student one further attempt to pass the examination or assessment concerned. If a student fails examinations twice and applies to the Credentials Committee for areview of his or her failed standing under Rule 2-45(1), the Committee has discretion to permit one further rewrite.

Rule 2-28 has been amended to reduce from two years to one year the period of time in which a student who has failed PLTC is prohibited from re-enrolling in the admission program, reflecting the current practice of the Credentials Committee.

A student who has failed in three attempts to pass PLTC may not make an application to the Credentials Committee for a review of his or her failed standing: see Rule 2-45(1) and (1.1).

The text of these Rules is available in the Resource Library section of the Law Society website at and in the June Member's Manual amendment package enclosed in this mailing.