Law Society Award: call for nominations

The Law Society Award, offered every two years, honours the truly exceptional within the profession, based on the criteria of integrity, professional achievement, service and law reform. The Award is made chiefly in recognition of contributions to the advancement of the profession or the law, but public service outside the legal profession will be considered.

Past recipients are Dean Emeritus George F. Curtis, QC (1986), Oscar F. Orr, MBE, OBC, QC (1988), Chief Justice J.O. Wilson (honoured posthumously, 1992),Mr. Justice Peter D. Seaton(honoured posthumously, 1994), Alfred Watts,QC (1996), The Hon. Martin R. Taylor, QC (1998),The Hon. E.N. (Ted) Hughes, QC (2000) and The Hon. Kenneth E. Meredith (2002).

Lawyers are encouraged to nominate a candidate to receive the Law Society Award in 2004. Nominations must be received by Friday, May 7, 2004.

When submitting a nomination, please include the candidate's curriculum vitae, and your views on why he or she should receive the Award. Please note that a nomination must be accompanied by this material for it to be considered by the Selection Committee.

If given in 2004, the Award will be presented at the Bench & Bar Dinner this Fall. For full details, please see the circular enclosed in this mailing or visit the Law Society website at