Law Society supports government's look at a Land Title Authority

The Law Society of BC has asked the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management to consider the concept of an independent provincial authority to administer the province's land title system.

The Law Society first raised the possibility of an independent authority with the Ministry late last Fall as a way of preserving the integrity of BC's Torrens system and improving service delivery to users around the province as the demand for land title services grows.

The Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, which is responsible for operation of the land title system, has now struck a committee to look at the implications and benefits of a land title authority. Law Society President William Everett, QC has appointed Victoria Bencher Ralston Alexander, QC, now First Vice-President, to that committee. Any decision as to whether an independent provincial authority is the best way to deliver land title services rests entirely with the government, which has stated it plans consultations with key user groups from across the province.

The Law Society is pleased that the government is prepared to explore an alternative means of delivering land title services in BC. The Society will keep the profession updated on this issue.