Visit Juricert site to register for digital credentials

On March 15, 2004 the Director of Land Titles formally recognized the Law Society as a certification authority under the Land Title Act. BC lawyers who wish to electronically file documents in the Land Title Office must first register with the Law Society's Juricert service at to obtain the necessary digital certificate.

This is a two-step process. First, a lawyer must register with Juricert for authentication of his or her identity and Law Society membership status. Second, once registered with Juricert, the lawyer must apply for a digital certificate. The lawyer will use the certificate to digitally sign documents for electronic submission to the Land Title Office.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Register with Juricert - A lawyer will visit the Juricert website ( to complete an online registration form. The system will generate the lawyer's information in portable document format (PDF) for the lawyer to review, print out, sign and submit to Juricert by fax or mail. Once this signed form is received, Juricert will check the lawyer's information and signature against Law Society records to confirm his or her identity and Law Society membership status. When that authentication is complete, the lawyer will be registered with Juricert and receive a Juricert identification number by email.

2. Apply for an Adobe Acrobat Signing Certificate* - Once the lawyer receives a Juricert identification number, he or she can apply on the Juricert website for an Adobe Acrobat Signing Certificate. Juricert will advise the lawyer once the certificate is available to download. The lawyer will be able to use this certificate to digitally sign documents for electronic submission to the Land Title Office via BC Online.

If a law firm's trust account requires the signature of a non-lawyer financial officer on cheques, the financial officer also must register with Juricert and obtain a certificate. This is necessary to allow the law firm's account signatories to digitally sign and file a Property Transfer Tax Electronic Payment Authorization form. For more on the electronic payment of the Property Transfer Tax, see the article below.

Please note that, depending on volume, registration with Juricert may take up to two business days, and issuance of a certificate another two business days. Lawyers are encouraged to register early.

For more information, visit

* Note on certificates: The Adobe Acrobat Signing Certificate supplied by Juricert is only for use in signing Acrobat files. Other "general purpose" certificates authenticated by Juricert are available from the commercial certificate companies listed on the Juricert website. Due to technical limitations in the Land Title Office e-filing system, these certificates are not currently usable on that system. It is anticipated that this limitation will be resolved in the near future, after the launch of e-filing. Certificates from IDScript, Commguard and Dye & Durham can be used to digitally sign and encrypt e-mail messages and PDF files.