Nomination of Second Vice-President for 2004

Following the appointment of First Vice-President Peter J. Keighley, QC as a BC Supreme Court master, Victoria Bencher Ralston S. Alexander, QC has become the Law Society's First Vice-President, leaving vacant the position of Second Vice-President. In accordance with Rule 1-3(6)(a), the Executive Committee has called on the Benchers to elect an interim Second Vice-President who will also stand as the Benchers' nominee for that position for the balance of the year.

The name of the interim Second Vice-President and Benchers' nominee will be published on the Law Society website ( on April 5. Please visit the site for details.

There will be an opportunity at that time for members to put forward the names of other Bencher candidates, although the written consent of any such Bencher is required. If there are no other nominations put forward between April 5 and 21, the Benchers' nominee will be acclaimed as Second Vice-President for 2004. If there is more than one nomination, the election of Second Vice-President will be put to the profession by mail ballot.

The Benchers' nominee for the 2005 Second Vice-President will come before members at the Annual General Meeting this Fall, in accordance with Rule 1-3(18).