From the BC Court of Appeal

Notice to the profession (November 17, 2003) from Chief Justice Finch

Family law judgments on the Court of Appeal website

At a recent meeting, the judges of the Court of Appeal reconsidered their decision to replace names with initials in the publication of family law judgments on the Court of Appeal website. The original decision was implemented to protect privacy interests. The judges agreed that the use of initials for the names of the parties and their children has led to a difficulty in the development of the family case law from the Court of Appeal.

Members of the Court have agreed to develop and apply guidelines for the protection of the privacy interests of the parties and their children, other than by removing their names from judgments. The new practice attempts to strike a better balance between the need for access to family law judgments for the profession and the public and the need to protect parties from the unnecessary dissemination of personal, private information.