From the Manufactured Home Registry

Manufactured home registry filings now online

BC lawyers and notaries will soon be required to file the most common registration documents related to manufactured homes (also known as mobile or modular homes) electronically. The Manufactured Home Registry's new web-based system, MH Online, allows users to control the date and time of document registration, extends hours of access to the Registry, decreases paper handling and makes records more accessible. The system will become mandatory in the spring of 2004, possibly as early as February 23.

MH Online replaces several of the most frequently used paper forms (initial registration, bill of sale transfers, residential exemptions and transport permits) with electronic versions. Once the e-filing system becomes mandatory, the Registry will no longer accept paper forms for these filings, but only for more specialized, low-volume transactions.

Lawyers, notaries, home manufacturers and parties approved by the Registrar of Manufactured Homes can enrol as "qualified suppliers." Qualified suppliers must:

  • have a BC OnLine account;
  • have knowledge of the Manufactured Home Act and regulations and procedures pertaining to the filing of documents online;
  • carry liability insurance and
  • agree to store for seven years the documents that they file online.

Over the past year, the Registry has seen the biggest changes in its 25-year history:

  • A new Manufactured Home Act received Royal Assent on November 17, 2003 and came into force by regulation on December 8, 2003: see;
  • A new manufactured home regulation was approved on November 27, 2003 and came into effect on December 8, 2003. Copies of the regulations can be obtained from Crown Publications at 250 386-4636;
  • The MH Online system debuted on December 8, 2003. By extending hours of availability, the new system has increased access to the Registry significantly.

Information in the Manufactured Home Registry regarding ownership and location of manufactured homes is directed at protecting owners and purchasers, improving the security of the lenders and streamlining government tax collection.

For more information on qualified suppliers and on the Registry, visit and

CLE offers Manufactured Home Registry course online and in real time

The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC is offering a 1.5 hour course about MH Online, the Manufactured Home Registry online filing system, on two dates (March 3 and April 7), from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm.

The course is offered as real-time telephone conference, supported by PowerPoint slides delivered to each registrant's computer desktop via the internet. This format allows lawyers to join the course live from home or office, anywhere in the province or beyond.

The course will review changes to the Manufactured Home Act and Regulations, offer a system demonstration, walk through the online forms and explain how lawyers can enrol as "qualified suppliers" to carry out the registration of transfers and residential exemptions.

For details, see "Courses" at