Lawyers to be surveyed to evaluate Law Society communications

The Law Society is planning to conduct a survey of BC lawyers this fall to assess current communication strategies and publications.

“The goal of the survey is to find out if there are any improvements we can make in the way we communicate with lawyers across the province,” said Robyn Crisanti, Manager, Communications and Public Relations for the Law Society. “There are a number of tactics that we currently use and it’s been many years since we asked lawyers what they thought about them. It’s time to ask again.”

The survey will be brief and will ask lawyers for comments on Law Society publications, including the Benchers’ Bulletin. The survey will also ask about electronic communication tools, such as E-Brief and Notices to the Profession, as well as the Law Society website.

“We are in the process of redesigning the website, so are anxious to find out what lawyers like and don’t like about the current site,” explained Crisanti.

The survey design is yet to be completed, and it is likely that only a sample of lawyers will be contacted. However, you are encouraged to submit your comments and ideas at any time to

“We really appreciate it when lawyers take the time to contact us directly with their feedback. It’s extremely useful to us,” said Crisanti.

The website redesign will take place over the next several months. It is a significant project, especially given that the current site has about 2,000 pages. The goal of the project is to develop a site that is easier to navigate for both lawyers and the public.

In addition to offering suggestions through the survey or on an ad hoc basis, lawyers are invited to participate as “test users” of the website as it is developed. “We are hoping to have a group of lawyers willing to evaluate the site as it is created so that the final product more closely meets the needs of this important user group,” described Crisanti. The required time commitment will be minimal and all evaluation will be done online. If you are interested, please contact

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With few exceptions, all materials created by the Law Society and distributed to BC lawyers are available electronically and can be sent by email. That includes Benchers’ Bulletin, changes to the Act, Rules and Handbook, and much more.

To sign up for electronic distribution, simply log in to your Law Society account and under “Member Options,” choose the link “Email Address and Email Choices.” Under “Law Society publications by email” select the option “I DO want to receive the Benchers’ Bulletin, related newsletters and Member’s Manual amendments in electronic form”.

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