Change in Annual Practice Declaration filing date

Practising insured lawyers in BC will not be asked to file an Annual Practice Declaration this September as in previous years. Instead they will be asked to do so when their firms file a new form of Form 47 accountant's report, which is expected to be introduced by the Law Society later this year.

Until now, all practising lawyers (both insured and insurance exempt) were sent a declaration for return to the Law Society by September 30. Beginning this year, only those practising lawyers who are exempt from Law Society professional liability insurance will be sent a declaration for filing in September. All practising lawyers who carry either full-time or part-time insurance through the LSBC Captive Insurance Company will complete the declaration as part of the new accountant's report. A lawyer's declaration will accordingly be due on the same date as the accountant's report for his or her firm.

More information about the new accountant's report will be published to the profession in the coming months.