Land Title Offices to remain open in New Westminster, Kamloops and Victoria

The Minister of Sustainable Resource Management, Stan Hagen, has announced that Land Title Offices in New Westminster, Kamloops and Victoria will remain open.

A business group from Kamloops had asked the provincial government to consider centralizing the land title system in that city.

At their May meeting, the Benchers passed a resolution that the public interest was best served by retaining a Land Title Office in New Westminster. The Benchers noted that more than half of all LTO filings originate in the Lower Mainland and that there would be increased user costs if each of these transactions had to be filed in Kamloops.

At a meeting with Mr. Hagen on May 22, representatives of the Law Society and of several other bodies, including the Vancouver Real Property Section of the CBA, the City of Vancouver, the Society of Notaries Public of BC and the Real Estate Council of BC, urged Mr. Hagen to keep the New Westminster LTO open. Although all three LTO locations will remain open, front-counter service in Victoria will be phased out.