Contact Information and Status Changes

Contact Information Changes

If you are a BC lawyer or articled student who has recently changed your address, telephone number, fax number or email address, you must advise the Law Society.

Request to change contact information form

Please be reminded that you must advise the Law Society of any change in address for your place of business (includes the place of business and registered and records office of a law corporation of which you are a voting shareholder) (Rule 2-10).

Membership Status changes

Membership forms

The Law Society has four categories of membership:

  • Practising (insured for full-time or part-time practice or exempt from the requirement to maintain insurance)
  • Non-practising
  • Retired 
  • Canadian Legal Advisor

What do you want to do?

I am a non-practising or retired member and want to return to practice
I have practising status, but no longer engage in the practice of law and want to become non-practising
I am a former judge or master and want to return to practice
I want to terminate my membership

I am a legal researcher who wants to become non-practising
I transferred to BC as in-house counsel and want to be relieved of practice restrictions and move into a new practice situation

I want to change my liability insurance coverage from full to part-time or from part to full-time
I want to apply for an insurance exemption
I am currently exempt from liability insurance and want to apply for insurance
I am a former lawyer and want to apply for reinstatement before returning to practice

I am a lawyer who wishes to transfer to BC from another jurisdiction


For more information, contact Member Services