From the Credentials Committee

PLTC students’ collaboration

The Credentials Committee recently considered the conduct of two pairs of Professional Legal Training Course students who acknowledged that they had engaged in prohibited collaboration on two of the written PLTC assessments.

The first set of PLTC students acknowledged the collaboration and advised that they did not set out to cheat, but admitted that they started by discussing the assessments generally and that this progressed to more specific discussions. The students expressed regret for their collaboration and assured the committee it was an isolated incident.

The second set of PLTC students explained that they had worked together since the beginning of their course preparing for class exercises and assignments and fell into the same pattern for assessments. Both students took responsibility for their actions.

In both instances, the Credentials Committee reviewed the performance of the students on the other PLTC assessments and examinations as well as their explanations of how they came to be involved in the collaboration. The committee also considered how important it is to the PLTC program that the students not engage in plagiarism or collaboration on assignments, assessments or examinations.

In the circumstances, the committee decided that each student’s enrolment in the Law Society Admission Program would be extended by three months. Further, each student would be required to re-do the two written assessments and that each must write an anonymous memorandum to be shared with future PLTC students.

In the memorandum, each student will detail his or her own experience, from detection of the collaboration to the conclusion of this matter by resolution of the Credentials Committee, and how he or she was affected by the process. In addition, the committee decided that the students be the subject of an anonymous publication in the Benchers’ Bulletin detailing their actions and the committee’s decision.