Deputy Executive Director Jean Whittow returns to private practice

Jean Whittow, QC, Deputy Executive Director and Director of Discipline and Professional Conduct, is leaving the Law Society to join the Vancouver law firm of Hordo and Bennett in a litigation practice that will include counsel work before administrative bodies.

Ms. Whittow joined the Law Society 12 years ago as counsel, having previously practised civil litigation at Braidwood, MacKenzie, Fujisawa, Brewer & Greyell.

After six years as Law Society counsel, Ms. Whittow became Director of Discipline with overall staff responsibility for discipline, including directing and managing the work of the Professional Conduct Department and of Law Society counsel. She also assumed responsibility for the Special Compensation Fund, Practice Standards and Audit and Investigation Departments and was later appointed Deputy Executive Director for the Law Society.

At a farewell reception in her honour in June, Ms. Whittow spoke to the values of honesty, respect and fairness - words that may sometimes be used casually, but mean much more to the legal profession. "Our job is to maintain those values of honesty, respect and fairness in the profession," Ms. Whittow reflected in her parting words to Law Society staff and Benchers.

She stressed the importance of bringing these qualities to all Law Society dealings with lawyers and the public, and dealings between colleagues within the Law Society. "I am so privileged to have been able to work in a setting where those are the critical qualities," Ms. Whittow said. "That is what binds us together in the service of the profession."

The Benchers and staff extend their appreciation to Ms. Whittow for her leadership, skill and dedication, and wish her all the best in her new practice.