Public Guardian and Trustee fees increase

The provincial government has increased a number of fees charged by the Public Trustee and Guardian: BC Regulation 83/2003 amending BC Regulation 312/2000.

Effective April 1, the fees for the Public Trustee and Guardian to review, on behalf of a person under age 19, the reasonableness of a litigation settlement respecting claims for personal injury or wrongful death of a guardian will increase from the current fee of $75-600 to $100-3,000 (depending on the amount of the settlement).

There are also fees changes under the Patients Property Act, effective April 1: 1) a new monthly administration fee when the Public Trustee as committee of a client continues in its role pending appointment of an executor or administrator of that person's estate and 2) fee increases for the Public Trustee to respond to a notice of application to appoint a committee, to examine an application for relief/variance of a court order relating to how an incapable adult can best be protected or to attend on the passing of committee accounts.

Finally there are fee changes under the Estate Administration Act effective April 1: 1) a fee increase for reviewing notices under section 112 and 2) elimination of the file opening fee and introduction of a minimum capital commission ($3,500 or 7% of the estate, whichever is greater). Effective July 1, a new fee will also be introduced for tracing and proving heirs to an estate.