Call for expressions of interest in outside appointments

The Law Society is seeking volunteers for appointment to outside bodies

The Law Society makes appointments to a variety of boards, commissions and agencies. While a few of these bodies require that the appointee be a Bencher, most do not, which means the Law Society looks to the profession for volunteers.

The pool of candidates for appointment is generally limited to those BC lawyers who have, by one means or another, made their interest known. Periodically, the Law Society seeks expressions of interest from the profession so as to expand the pool of prospective candidates and to confirm that those who have previously expressed interest remain available for appointment.

The Law Society will consider appointments to the following bodies in 2003:

  • UBC Faculty of Law, Faculty Council
  • Continuing Legal Education Society Board of Directors
  • Law Foundation Board of Directors
  • Legal Services Society Board of Directors
  • BC Medical Services Foundation Board of Directors
  • BC Courthouse Library Society Board of Directors.

Other bodies to which appointments will be considered in subsequent years include: Vancouver International Airport Authority Board, BC Law Institute, City of Vancouver Building Permit Board of Appeal, Federal Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee, Hamber Foundation Board, Provincial Judicial Council, Surrey Foundation Board and University of Victoria Faculty of Law, Faculty Council.

These appointments offer a lawyer the opportunity to participate more fully in the work of the profession and the community, and to demonstrate the ongoing commitment of the profession to public service.

If you would like to be considered for any of these appointments, please note which are of interest to you and send that information, along with your curriculum vitae, by mail or email to:

David Newell
Corporate Secretary
845 Cambie Street
Vancouver BC  V6B 4Z9