Land Title Branch / BC Online offer notification service for pending documents

The Land Title Branch and BC Online are offering a new service that allows lawyers to flag particular properties and to receive electronic notice of any pending documents within minutes of these being noted against the properties. The service is available to lawyers who access BC Online over the internet.

Lawyers who wish to use the service can choose to receive notices of pending documents by email, through their BC Online user account mailbox or through their firm's BC Online account mailbox (especially useful if more than one person in a law firm requires access to the information).

Lawyers can request an activity advisory on a property for any interval up to 60 weeks. Payment for this service is in 12-week increments (12 weeks, 24 weeks, 36 weeks, 48 weeks or 60 weeks).

During the pilot phase of this service, the BC OnLine service charge of $1.50 (plus GST) will apply to each property monitored over a 12-week interval. A Land Title statutory fee will be added once the pilot phase of the project is complete. That fee has not yet been set.

Lawyers should note that the service does not provide notification of when a pending document is actually registered on title, nor does it provide notification that a document has been rejected by Land Title staff.

For more information, see the BC Online website at