Deadline for comments: December 1

Task Force seeks profession's views on unified family court

On October 7 the BC Justice Review Task Force issued a discussion paper to collect information and comments from the profession in order to help weigh the merits of a Unified Family Court in BC. The report, which gives background to the issue, is available on the Task Force's website at:

Task Force members will attend CBA Family Section meetings in November to discuss the paper. Interested parties are invited to forward comments to the Task Force through its website by December 1.

The Justice Review Task Force was initiated by the Law Society in March, 2002 to identify a wide range of reform ideas and initiatives that may help to make the justice system more responsive, accessible and cost-effective.

The decision to explore Unified Family Courts does not mean that the idea is necessarily endorsed by one or all members of the Task Force.

The Task Force is chaired by a Past President of the Law Society, Richard Margetts, QC. Other Task Force members are Chief Justice Donald Brenner of the Supreme Court of BC, Chief Judge Carol Baird Ellan of the Provincial Court of BC, Deputy Attorney General Gillian Wallace, QC and Assistant Deputy Minister Jerry McHale, QC on behalf of the Attorney General and Peter Leask, QC on behalf of the CBA, BC Branch.