New website feature

The BC Lawyer Lookup . how to find a lawyer

The Law Society website now offers lawyers and members of the public a new service - the BC Lawyer Look-up. The look-up allows lawyers and members of the public to search for a current BC lawyer by name. Search results provide a lawyer's basic membership status information and, in the case of a practising lawyer, his or her business address and telephone number. This is the same information that the Law Society routinely provides in response to telephone enquiries and the look-up is an extension of that service.

The Law Society updates the website data daily. The look-up service is intended to be easy for the public and lawyers to use without assistance. However, it is still necessary to contact the Law Society office for information about a former member or to enquire about a lawyer's professional conduct record.

Practising lawyers are categorized as either "in private practice" or "not in private practice." These categories are based on insured/exempt codes on our Member Information System and are intended to help members of the public distinguish lawyers who are eligible to provide legal services from those who are not, although there will be exceptions depending on a lawyer's exact practice situation.

The contact information for non-practising and retired members is excluded from the service, as are email and fax numbers for all lawyers. While email and fax are common and useful means of contacting lawyers, they are also more amenable to misuse for commercial or marketing purposes. The Law Society Disclosure and Privacy Task Force and staff will consider this feature further, possibly posting email and fax numbers on a consent basis.

Do we have your contact information?

Now is the ideal time for BC lawyers to ensure that the Law Society has their correct addresses and other contact information.

An address/contact information change form is available in the Resource Library/Forms section of the Law Society website at The form must be completed, signed and either mailed or faxed back to the Member Information Group at the Law Society office.

Please note that, if you already updated your contact information on the Practice Declaration form (Form 30) in September, that information will soon be reflected on the Law Society database and you need not submit an address change form.