Maximum Bencher terms will not change

The Benchers have decided not to seek a change to Law Society Rule 1-1, which limits Benchers to a maximum of four two-year terms (eight years) of service.

Some Benchers have expressed concern that the current limit is insufficient to allow the more experienced Benchers to contribute fully to the Law Society. As well, for any Bencher who is elected in a by-election to complete a partial term, that partial term counts as a full term in calculating the maximum number of terms.

Any proposed change to Rule 1-1 would require approval of the membership by referendum.

After discussion of the issue at the Benchers table in April, the majority view was that the current limits ensure a healthy turnover of Benchers, an infusion of new viewpoints and ideas as well as an opportunity for more lawyers to serve as Benchers, and that these strengths outweigh the disadvantages.