Credentials Committee reviews collaboration of PLTC students

By referral under the PLTC rules, the Credentials Committee recently reviewed the conduct of two students who had collaborated on two of the written PLTC assessments.

The students stated that they had started out merely working together, but ended up making changes to their initial assessments. The final documents they submitted were substantially the same.

The students noted that the PLTC rules prohibited their conduct, but said, at the time, they did not think they were contravening the policy.

The Credentials Committee reviewed the students' performance on the other PLTC assessments and examinations, as well as their explanations of how they came to be involved in the collaboration. The Committee also considered how important it is to the PLTC program that the students not engage in plagiarism or collaboration on assignments, assessments or examinations.

In the circumstances, the Committee decided that each student's enrolment in the Law Society Admission Program be extended for a further six months and the students be the subject of an anonymous publication in the Benchers' Bulletin detailing their actions and the Committee's decision. One student was ordered to re-do PLTC in its entirety, while the other was required to complete the remedial assessments that the student had failed.