Law Society investigates Wirick

The Law Society has recently received a number of queries from members, financial institutions and the general public concerning the recent resignation of Vancouver-based real estate lawyer Martin K. Wirick.

Mr. Wirick voluntarily resigned his Law Society of BC membership on May 23, 2002. Information received at that time contained allegations of substantial financial and procedural irregularities in his real estate practice, including breaches of undertakings. He is now a former member, but remains subject to the Law Society's complaints and discipline process.

On application by the Law Society of BC, and with Mr. Wirick's consent, the BC Supreme Court appointed a custodian for Mr. Wirick's practice on May 24, 2002 (Vancouver registry #L021598). The custodian is Gordon Bennett, a Vancouver-based real estate lawyer.

The Law Society is conducting an investigation into allegations against Mr. Wirick, which includes a financial audit of his practice. The investigation is, however, complex and in the early stages.

Lawyers may hear speculation within the profession or in the media respecting allegations against Mr. Wirick or the impact on the Law Society's Special Compensation Fund. Such speculation is not based on information from the Law Society and should not be relied on as fact.