Request a Review of your Complaint

Complainants' Review Committee information sheet and other resources

If you are unhappy with a Law Society staff decision about your complaint, you may be able to seek a review of the decision by the Law Society's Complainants' Review Committee, which includes at least one non-lawyer. You can also contact the Office of the Ombudsperson if you feel the Law Society's process was unfair.

The mandate of the Complainants' Review Committee is to review the files of individuals who are dissatisfied with the dismissal of their complaints following a review by the Law Society staff (Law Society Rules 3-13 to 3-14).

When the committee has completed its review and enquiries, the committee can confirm the decision to take no further action, refer the complaint to the Discipline Committee or refer the matter to the Practice Standards Committee with or without consideration.

How to request a review

Not all complaints have an automatic right of review. The Complainants’ Review Committee will not consider a review of complaints that are outside the jurisdiction of the Law Society, are frivolous or an abuse of process or don’t allege facts that would constitute a discipline violation (Law Society Rule 3-14).

A request to review your complaint must be in writing using the Complainants' Review Committee request form and include:

  • Your reasons for requesting the review
  • The Law Society file number regarding this matter

The request must be provided within 30 days after the decision was communicated to you.

Send your complaint to the Law Society, Attention: Paralegal to the Complainants' Review Committee