PrivateExpress offered by subscription in 2002

The Law Society's introductory offer of free PrivateExpress service to B.C. lawyers in 2001 ends in December, but service will continue by subscription for 2002.

The Law Society continues to support e-courier systems, such as PrivateExpress, that ensure confidentiality, security and the professional identification of lawyers online. PrivateExpress was offered to the profession as one service that worked in conjunction with Juricert, the online authentication authority for lawyers.

B.C. lawyers who have registered with Juricert will wish to note that their Juricert registration is separate from the PrivateExpress service and remains in effect in 2002 without the need for renewal. Juricert will continue to provide lawyer authentication for the PrivateExpress service as well as for other projects and services expected in 2002. New services include the B.C. Land Title Office e-filing project, which is once again in development, as well as pilot e-filing projects at the Supreme Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Canada (see below) and other regulatory bodies in Canada.

PrivateExpress Inc. is offering subscription renewals to all those now actively using the service. If you have not yet renewed and wish to do so, you may contact the company directly at You will wish to note the following:

  • PrivateExpress service renewal is available directly from PrivateExpress Inc. at a monthly subscription fee of US$19.95 for unlimited use.
  • Lawyers who haved already installed PrivateExpress, but do not use it often, can leave the software on their computers and will not be invoiced unless they use the software to send messages. Those lawyers may nevertheless receive messages through PrivateExpress at no charge.
  • Lawyers who wish to continue subscriptions for clients or staff may elect to consolidate the billing of those subscriptions within their firms; please contact PrivateExpress if interested in this billing option.