Certificates of Authentication: new requirements from Victoria

Some foreign jurisdictions recognize notarized documents from B.C. only if the notary's seal and signature have been authenticated by the Lieutenant Governor. (For more information on this process, please contact the Orders-in-Council Office at (250) 387-4376 or the Law Society at (604) 669-2533/1-800 903-5300 (Ask for the Member Information Group).

The Orders-in-Council Office now requires a lawyer who notarizes a document to include on the same page as the notarization:

  • the lawyer's address, telephone and fax number; and
  • the wording "A Notary in and for the Province of British Columbia."

This information is important should the Orders-in-Council Office need to follow up with the lawyer on any aspect of the authentication process. It is sometimes the client, rather than the lawyer, who sends a notarized document to Victoria for authentication, and it is not always clear from the notarized document how the lawyer can be reached.