The following people have been reinstated to membership in the Law Society. These reinstatements do not relate to discipline proceedings.

As of March, 2001: Kathleen M. Mildred Baldwin, of Richmond. As of April, 2001: Jack Lesgor Thomson Edwards, Q.C., of Vancouver; Joseph Ping Choi Lee, of Hong Kong; Pavla Polcarova, of Vancouver. As of May, 2001: Michael John Molson, of Vancouver; Corrie Lynn Stepan, of Ottawa. As of June, 2001: Elizabeth Ann Gilmour, of El Cerrito, California; Shirley E.K. Giroday, of Powell River; Norine Agnes MacDonald, Q.C., of Vancouver. As of July, 2001: Lindsay Margaret Lyster, of Vancouver; Diba Bayan Majzub, of Vancouver; Allan Davis McEachern, of Vancouver; Paul Joseph Gomes Soares Mendes, of Vancouver; Marla Diane Mennie, of Vancouver; Edward Thomas Sebastian Morgan, of Ottawa; Patricia Ruth Strangway, of Kelowna. As of August, 2001: Jacqueline Ann Gaudet, of Campbell River; Dougall James Molson, of Paris, France; Shannon Joan Rogers, of Vancouver. As of September, 2001: John Nicholas Brampton, of Vancouver; David Anthony Fewer, of Ottawa; Theodore Mark Hargrave, of Chilliwack.